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PenPlusBytes Online course in ICT Journalism Participants Blog list

PenPlusBytes Online course in ICT Journalism Participants Blog list

Paul Aruho

Md. Gulam Mustofa Zaman Bhuiyan

Naa Adei Dsane

Mohammad Kawsar Uddin

Mabutho Ngcobo

Nana Appiah

Emmy Olaki

Quazi Shabbir Alamgir

Emmanuel Kihaule

Kimumwe Paul

Musoke Ronald

Clement Njoroge


Akinyi Hongo

Guedegbe Senakpon Gerard

Vincent NNANNA,

Charles Ogallo


Mugira Fredrick

Soussi houssine

Waweru Mugo

Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Ali Mahmud Toko


Nakkazi Esther

Lutful Kabir

Archibald Adams

Mawutodzi Abissath

Class blog


Wednesday, March 22, 2006




March 21st 2006: The International Institute for ICT journalism (PenPlusBytes) has launched its first online training course titled: Introduction to ICT Journalism. The course which runs from 20th March to 20th May 2006 has attracted 43 participants from countries spread across three continents; Africa, Europe and Asia .

The course will be administered by the PenPlusBytes team and a group of international ICT Journalism experts from various parts of the world. The course has been designed to cover the fundamentals of ICT journalism for journalists with little or no experience in New Media. Employing a variety of online tools such as blogging and wikipedia, the course affords participants to have practical hands-on sessions whilst at the same time having academic insights in ICT journalism. The vision is to improve the quality of journalism through the use of ICT tools.

According to Kwami Ahiabenu II, President of PenPlusBytes the idea for undertaking this online course was born out of the need to reach a wider journalist audience with ICT Journalism training. He points out that whilst PenPlusBytes has already undertaken several ICT journalism workshops in East and West Africa for African journalists there was the need to spread the course to a much wider audience and thus the introduction of the online module. He added ' this is the pioneering online media training in ICT Journalism and we hope it would contribute in increasing the number of journalists with skills in this area'. He is optimistic that this marks a watershed in Online ICT journalism training.

The course blog is located at with course wiki found at .

Participants who successfully complete the 8- week course are expected to receive a certificate from the International Institute of ICT journalism.


Notes to Editors

The International Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Journalism (PenPlusBytes) is a registered company limited by guarantee since 18th July 2001. It seeks to empower the media through the use of ICTs to advance the work of journalism. Since its inception the organisation has trained numerous Journalists across the globe.

Contact Address


Monday, March 20, 2006

welcome message

International Institute for ICT Journalism – PenPlusBytes -PPB0105 - Introduction to ICT Journalism

Welcome message

Welcome to PenPlusBytes online course on ICT Journalism for the period of three months (20th March to 20th May)


We shall post weekly lecture notes based on the class table time plus relevant documents.Participants are expected to contribute through questions, comments, contributions, suggestion etc after reading the lectures notes. Please remember that class postings constitute part of your final grading.At the end of each week, a weekly summary of all postings shall be post to the list.

Weekly Class Assignments

Class assignments are expected to be submitted on due dates.

Submit your assignment before Sunday each week to mediaictrain AT

In the subject line indicate your name and the question for the weekly assignment

For example, question – tools of ICT in newsroom, name: Alajidi Kufe

Subject: Alajidi kufe( tools of ICTs in news room)

Project Work

At the end of the course, each participant is expected to submit a project work in any ICT Journalism area of choice.

Special Guests

In addition to the course instructors, participants would have a unique opportunity to interact with special guests with expertise in ICT Journalism.


We have 43 participants registered to take part in this online course

See below countries and time zones of participants :


Bangladesh ( Dhaka)

GMT +6


Liberia (Monrovia )



South Africa (Johannesburg)

GMT +2


Kenya (Nairobi)

GMT + 3


Ghana (Accra)



UK (London)



France( Paris)

GMT +2


Benin(Porto Novo)

GMT + 1


Uganda (Kampala)

GMT + 3


The Gambia (Banju)



Cameroon ( Douala)

GMT + 2


Zambia( Lusaka)

GMT + 2

A full participants list shall be made available to the group list soon.

Grading: Participants are expected to undertake weekly assignment, participate in online discussion and published final project work on PenPlusBytes website.

Final grades:

  • 20% on weekly assignments
  • 20% on class participation
  • 40% on project work
  • 20% on multiple tests


The course mailing list is located at

See course blog at

Course wiki is found at

For PenPlusBytes website point your browser to

CLASS TIME TABLE - Three months (20th March to 20 May 2006)



WEEK ONE – 20th March

Introduction of Participants and Course Objectives

Introduction to ICT Journalism – concept, theory and definition

History of ICT Journalism


Introduction to ICT tools for Journalism – wikis, blogs, website, chat, forum, email, content management system, news room management system and publishing platforms


The role of information and knowledge management in the newsroom


Online Research


Reporting ICT Stories


Special Guests/Business models of Online Journalism


Special Guests /Project Work


Special Guests/ Project Work

WEEK NINE - 20th May

Conclusion and Future of ICT Journalism

Learning Online

Learning online comes with a lot of advantages especially when learning about technologies. There are inherent challenges when learning online mostly because of the lack of face to face experience. Learning online is an important skill you have to acquire.


  1. Set a period of day to undertake online learning
  2. Find a folder and print out hard copies of key notes and resources
  3. Plan your on learning experience
  4. Interact and connect with other participants via f2f, email or phone calls
  5. Discipline
  6. Time commitment

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Introduction to ICT Journalism Course


Introduction to ICT Journalism Course
Online Course
March 20, 2006

The International Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – Penplusbytes presents a three month (March 20th – May 20th 2006) online training opportunity for journalists in the area of ICT Journalism. Participants will be exposed to the wider context of ICTs assisted journalism including its history, how these technologies are impacting on the world of journalism, how ICT can be used in producing stories and how to manage change process in using innovative ICT tools.

Course Description and Goals: This course teaches the theory and concept of ICTs journalism and how to use ICTs tools how to generate and publish news content.

At the end of the course, the participants will learn four main set of skills
  • You will learn and understand broad spectrum of ICTs tools available for journalism
  • You will learn how to research and publish content online
  • You will learn that despite that the proliferation of technology for journalism the fundamental principles of journalism still apply.
  • You will learn how to generate more ICTs stories

Prerequisites: This course does not have any special prerequisites though participants will need to have basic computer skills such sending and receiving mails, managing files and browsing the Internet. The course assumes participants are practicing journalists who have mastered journalism skills.

Class Meeting: Participants are expected to meet online via group discussion weekly, it is expected that a participants must devote at least five hours per week online.

Course Content
  • Introduction to ICT Journalism – concept, theory and definition
  • History of ICT Journalism
  • Introduction to ICT tools for Journalism – wikis, blogs, website, chat, fourm, email, content management system, newsroom management and publishing platforms
  • The role of information and knowledge management in the newsroom
  • Reporting ICT Stories
  • Online Research
  • Business Models of Online Journalism
  • Future of ICT Journalism

Participants will be provided with regular resources during the duration of the course, these resources will available mostly online or via CD ROM.

Grading: Participants are expected to undertake weekly assignment, participate in online discussion and published final project work on penplusbyte website.

All participants who fully participated in the course would be awarded a certificate.

Click here to download an application form

Closing date for receipt of application and statement is 15th March 2006